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Hurray for Vouvray!

I was looking for a wine to take to a fancy pot luck dinner party. I was assigned the cheese course, and it’s next to impossible to pair a wine with cheeses (plural).  One cheese, sure, but four cheeses from mild to sharp is tricky. So I searched, and the internet told me if you need one wine to rule them all (bottom) go with something like an off-dry Riesling.Clos le Vigneau Vouvray 2012

Before settling on a Riesling at the LCBO, I passed by the French section and saw a white with a recommendation note from the staff on it. It was a Vouvray, which..what? To the Googles!  Ok, so Vouvray is made in the Loire Vally with chenin blanc grapes, and it comes in dry, off-dry and sparkling. This 2012 Clos le Vigneau Vouvray has a sugar content of 13 g/l, which puts it into the off-dry category, and was described as “concentrated and full-bodied, with a long, delicious finish.” Done.

Sweetness Weirdness: The LCBO has “extra dry” on the web page, which doesn’t make sense to me at all. A couple of years ago they did change how they describe sweetness, but I think this one’s a mistake because I don’t see how anyone could get extra dry out of this. I had this happen with a rose in the summer. It was listed as “dry” but drinking it was like sucking on a  jolly rancher. I returned it. Anyway…


Delicious! I love this wine. It was the best wine of the evening. I love that it’s a richer white that isn’t chardonnay, with lots of flavour, and the touch of off-dry really did work well with the cheeses (well, three out of four…I don’t think anything was really going to go with “Old Grizzly”, an aged Gouda that bites back). It’s at the upper end of my weekend wine scale, but there are also a couple of other Vouvrays in stock for a bit less, so I’ll definitely try another one soon.



Off-Dry Wine Whine Featuring Lingenfelder

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I never miss the opportunity to buy a few bottles of Lingenfelder Bird Label Riesling when it comes into Vintages (twice a year, I think).

I just don’t know how you could get a better off-dry riesling for $13.95. Which brings me to my whine. It seems every time I mention that I like riesling someone says “Oh, I can’t drink sweet wine”. Being an ABC (Anything but Chardonnay) wine drinker, I really shouldn’t judge. I should just accept. But, I can’t help wondering if they’ve only ever had Blue Nun or Black Tower and think all riesling is sickly sweet. See, I’m willing to admit that I can appreciate a really good chardonnay. But most really good chardonnay is about $50 a bottle. So the option is usually cheap chardonnay, and I may as well lick the side of an oak barrel. But you can get a really good riesling for $18 a bottle and not resort to Blue Nun. A couple of times a year, you can buy this good riesling for only $13.95.

ANYWAY, the 2010 Lingenfelder Bird Label Riesling pleases me, as has every year before it. Vintages says “this off-dry wine features lovely aromas of peach, nectarine, and citrus”….sounds about right. I always get a bit of honey, too. It has a lovely label to boot, which would make it a great gift wine if everyone didn’t hate off-dry wine. Harumph.