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Stonechurch’s insane free shipping deal – Top Secret Red

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After a winter of trying one underwhelming (but not underwhelming enough to rant about) wine after another, I’m finally gulping something worth posting about. I consider this a PSA.


I was given 2 bottles of this “Top Secret” red and they’re not gonna last. It claims (but maybe it’s a smokescreen?!?) to be a Cab Franc/Cab Sauv blend, but it’s lighter than most of those I’ve had in the past. The colour while it pours is a weirdly watered-down purply pink. These things don’t sound appealing, I get that, but OH MY GOODNESS THIS WINE. It’s delightful. Berryish without too much acidity. You know how if you feel like a light and bright wine, sometimes it makes you feel like you accidentally drank vinegar for an hour? Not this one. It’s smooth while still being tangy. I don’t know how and I don’t care, I just love it.

Stonechurch currently ships FOR FREE within Ontario and a bottle of this is $5.95, almost criminally cheap. A case is just over $70 all in. You can mix and match wines in your order as long as you stick to multiples of 12; I’m tempted to try the Top Secret Pink, but I’ve been disappointed before when a brand is great at one varietal or style and terrible at another. (Open, I’m looking at you; HOW are you reds so terrible compared to your magnificent Riesling-Gewurtz? But that’s a post for another day, and possibly one I’ve already made.) Checking with my source who loves a rosé even more than me (which is really saying something).


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