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Rich reds

Normally I go for the fruity, berry reds. But I must have been feeling red-deprived over the summer, because as soon as the first hint of fall arrived, I wanted something big and strong. The Pelee Island Cabernet Franc fit perfectly.

It’s a bit sour, and not what I would call a sipping wine, but it was great with food (yes, even my steak-less vegetarian food), and definitely made me happy that fall was here. I’ll be getting this one again.

(Yes, technically Billy’s Best calls this a “rustic red”. Felt pretty rich to me.)


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  1. Oh yum! That sounds great. I’ve also been craving bigger reds this fall. I do love that tangy/sour flavour that makes something “rustic” as well.

  2. Do you ever listen to Konrad Ejbich on Ontario Today? He’s the wine expert they bring in to do Q&As, etc. His pick of the month is a Pelee Island Pinot Noir for $11.95


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