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A couple of days a week lately you can stalk me at C’est What, where they serve the owner’s Silver Peak wines, which I don’t think are available at the LCBO. It couldn’t be more local, though — the winery’s located in Oakville (I drive by the sign a lot but have never been). They don’t even seem to have a website! This is a ridiculous post. However, I’ve tried a couple reds recently and wanted to write up my favourite so far: the Baco Noir. It’s a completely perfect in-between-season drink, IMO: something like a Beaujolais but with a bit more depth, with the vinegary tang that sometimes jumps out of a Beaujolais-Villages… but again, with more deep flavours. If someone put sour cherries in your Pinot Noir and aged it for a year? Or just added a touch of sweet balsamic vinegar to your bog-standard popular Cab Whatever? I’m having trouble here. But I liked it A LOT.

I may try it a few more times at the restaurant and then… maybe I need some direct from the source!

(NB There’s a California Silver Peak as well — I don’t think they’re at all affiliated, but it’s confusing.)


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