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Best-ofs: Another off-dry Riesling

Fielding Estate, Lot No. 17 Riesling

The Fielding regular Riesling is good, too, and more reasonably priced (usually about $16 I think); the Lot 17 pushes up to about $25. However, this is amaaazing and I get to drink it from time to time at a friend’s house where they buy it up in bulk. For the price, I’d rather have 1.5 bottles of Lingenfelder; but it’s really a wonderful wine. Quite complex while still qualifying as a “light” white; lots of identifiable flavours and scents from the pears/apples/light woods family. It always seems a shame to drink it with food, because there’s so much going on and it’s lovely to sip, going from very refreshing to more mellow as it warms up to room temp. Great gift wine if you need something truly nice for someone who’ll appreciate it.


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