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Last pink for a while?

This might be the last pink wine for a while… I’ve been craving reds like I’ve been craving fall. 🙂

This, bizarrely, tastes almost like a Wild Vines type of thing. After my first sip, I went back to the fridge & checked the bottle to see if it was raspberry flavoured or something. So it’s definitely… not for everyone/every situation. But I enjoyed it with a very spicy sausage dinner, and certainly a second glass to sip with some after-dinner comfort TV was pretty much perfect (except I was cold, it is already so cold in the house). It occurred to me that you could add a really tiny amount of token fruit to this and call it rose sangria without waiting for the fruit flavours to blend their way in. That might have seemed more appealing in July.


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  1. Funny that I just looked at this post, because I realized today that someone had gifted me a bottle of this and I’d forgotten about it. I put it in the fridge earlier so I may have a pre-dinner glass of pink. I’ll let you know what I think!

  2. Ok, I’m back with a glass of this in hand. Hmm. It’s a bit….much? I’m not sure I like this. I think it would make more sense on a patio in summer, rather than being drunk while preparing a very fall dish (duck breast with mashed potatoes and chard, mmm). I can see how it would have worked with your spicy sausage because they probably offset each other a bit. I bet if you mixed it with fruit and prosecco you’d have a bridal/baby shower punch 🙂


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