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People, if you see something resembling this….

Run. Step away, run to the nearest Italian wine aisle, and pick up anything else.

Let me ‘splain. One of my husband’s friends came over a few weeks ago and brought this…offering. I put it on the shelf and forgot about it. Then one night my husband asked if we needed wine or if we should drink “that wine J brought.” “Oh, sure…whatever”, I said, not remember what it was or that J is a TERRIBLE wine purchaser. When I saw the bottle I figured we were in trouble, but it was too late to go to the LCBO so we had it with take-out Thai.

It was terrible. It was even more terrible than I imagined it would be. I don’t mind off-dry wine, but it is sweet and…sweet. So sweet I got a headache almost immediately. We didn’t realize it at first, but it comes in a 1 litre bottle (which the LCBO site says is $9.85…for a litre). I also didn’t read the bottle first or the word “Liebfraumilch” and the picture of the Virgin Mary would have clued me in that I was about to drink the “beloved lady’s milk.”Christ that’s wrong! Google tells me the term “Liebfraumilch” is associated with low quality wine. So much so that Blue Nun,  which is a Liebfraumilch, stopped using the term. Blue Nun was embarrassed. Blue Nun, people.

So what I’m saying here is that this is terrible, horrible, no good wine. Most of it was poured down the drain. I give it minus five stars.

Oh, want an alternative cheap white? ANYTHING ELSE. But you can’t go wrong with Cono Sur Viognier, our no-fail, tasty, goes with everything, casual white ($9.95 for a respectable 750 ml).


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  1. Hilarious. These are the wines that gave German wine a bad name! I’m constantly amazed that they’re still out there.

    I love that Cono Sur Viognier — it’s great roast-chicken/turkey-dinner wine. Lots of flavour going on there. And it really seems to please everyone, from drinkers of light rieslings to those who prefer a heavy oaked chardonnay. It’s like there’s just enough of everything in there.

  2. The Cono Sur is pretty versatile. Great with poultry, like you said, and it’s also our go-to wine for stir fries and thai food. The riesling is pretty good too, but the viognier is better. I’m think it’s actually quite a non-viognier viognier (because the ones I have in tastings or whatever have been really flowery), but whatever….it’s good shit.


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