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Beach House Rosé (eh)

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The Wine: Beach House Rosé from South Africa.

I’ll admit it – I started drinking Beach House because of the label. (Marketing people: a starfish will get me every time.) But I keep drinking it because I like it. (Some day I will post about Beach House White, another under-$10 I enjoy.) The rosé, though, we tried tonight for the first time.

The tasting notes for the rosé from the LCBO say “clear bright coral colour; strawberry and cherry aromas; medium body with ripe berry flavours and balanced acidity”.

I love the colour, it’s beautiful to look at, and I definitely get the (delicious) cherry and strawberry smells, but I don’t get an overwhelming berry taste. It’s got a deeper flavour, somehow, than other rosés I’ve tried, and I love it. And at $8.95 a bottle how can you go wrong?

As the spouse says: “it’s not quite a white, and it’s not quite a red, but man!”

The Whine: It’s seasonal, and is only available in limited quantities. I recommend trying it while it’s available!


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  1. Huh, I might have to try this again. I didn’t like previously (maybe it was different in a previous year), but my complaints were that it was basically an overly tangy – almost sour – white, so obviously your experience of it was very different! Good to know.


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