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Yet more pink: Sibling Rivalry

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I haven’t tried the Red or White versions from this Henry of Pelham “hip and cool” branded offshoot, but I decided to sample the Pink, and I like it! More flavourful than the extra-dry rosés below, but not as sweet as Yellowtail’s, it seems like a really good balanced all-purpose rosé, especially for sharing with people you think might be wary of an off-dry, but when you want the “pop” of flavour and not just a summer white. At $13.95 it’s in my “mid-price” range (hilariously). But that and the kicky marketing also means I’d be comfortable bringing it to someone’s house who I couldn’t trust to understand that I don’t mean my $10 bottle as a diss, but a compliment to their tastebuds’ ability to overlook a price tag.

Worth trying!


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  1. I was finally going to post something! Except that it was about this very wine. And I have nothing shocking or contradictory to say. 🙂


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