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Out for dinner at a Greek restaurant on Danforth the other day, the smooth-talking waiter convinced us to try the “greatest new thing, not yet on our wine list!” Restaurant wine prices always give me the heebs, especially since I know quite a few of the standby low-price LCBO items, and it can be tough to pay $7/glass when you know the bottle itself is only $7.95 (I’m looking at you, Farnese). ANYWAY. That’s what you get if you’re buying in a restaurant, and I flat-out asked the waiter what the bottle would cost; it was in line with the low range on their menu, so what the heck. (Image hunting reveals that the bottle we had seems to cost less than 4 Euros from overseas stores, so I’m betting that even with shipping the restaurant makes a killing charging over $30, but again: ANYWAY. I drank it, didn’t I? I sure did.)

This Tsantali Makedonikos White ($9.80) from the LCBO isn’t EXACTLY what we had; ours was called Tsantali Makedonikos Athiri (so I’m guessing it was a varietal they imported, while the LCBO carries a blend?). But for under $10 you could try this, especially if you are feeling cheap (or hot, like so hot you might put an ice cube in there, or start spritzering it with tonic water, or just pour it over your head if it’s coming right out of the fridge) and bored with the usuals. It was really perfect for lightening up the muggy-as-doom evening and the heavy food.


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