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First post! It’s pink.

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But it looks red, in the glass (despite the fact that it seems pretty pale in the bottle). And it tastes mostly white, to me — like a REALLY tangy white. I’d almost go as far as to say “sour” but with food, it’s fine. It’s just not the patio sipping rosé I usually crave, nor is it the refreshing light drink of a Cotes du Provence, which comes out around the same time (I thiiiiiiink?). I feel like you could serve this to someone dubious about rosé and it would come across as classier than whatever it is people who are dubious about rosé are dubious about? The price is right, anyway.

Just noticed this is described as “extra dry” on the LCBO site, so that’s what I get for blindly buying whatever’s cheap and has a pretty label. 🙂

La Vieille Fermé Cotes du Ventoux Rosé, $10.95.


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